Business Value of Software Management

Managing a business can be both gratifying and overwhelming. With so many decisions and management responsibilities, it’s not uncommon to let important details slip. However, proper software licensing is an aspect of your business that should receive the utmost attention.
Software asset management can make a world of difference in the smooth operation of your organization. Likewise, illegally copied software, acquired intentionally or not, is an unnecessary risk that can put your company in jeopardy.

How will you benefit from software management?

Save money:
Good software management can help you determine what software you do and don’t need. It can also help you take advantage of volume license discounts offered by many software publishers and determine how to most efficiently deploy software company wide.

Manage technological change:
Software management can help your company identify its software needs, avoid obsolescence, and ensure proper technology—enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.

Alleviate communication and data transfer problems:
In organizations where acquisition of technology has gone unchecked, many different platforms and versions may exist. Managing software can help address and resolve these issues, improving workflow and efficiencies.

Justify investments in technology:
Software management can help organizations identify what software investments have proven beneficial, while highlighting those areas that may need upgrades or new programs.

Avoid costs and fines:
Abuse of software licenses can result in financial penalties and legal costs. Additionally, company executives can be held individually liable, both criminally and civilly, for any copyright infringement that occurs within the organization.

Integrity and honesty:
Software management will help ensure that your company is using genuine software and is paying for all the software in use. This will give peace of mind to management, employees, and shareholders alike.

Secure and reliable:
Unauthorized software can contain viruses that may potentially damage both individual computers and entire networks. Ensuring that your company is using only authorized, genuine software will help alleviate these concerns.

Eligible for technical support and product upgrades:
When using unlicensed software, you are not eligible for technical support and product upgrades from the software publisher. You’re dependent on your own troubleshooting capabilities—a difficult job when the problematic software is unregistered.

Efficient and productive:
With properly managed software, you can be assured that employees will not be focusing time on the software issues raised above. Instead they’ll be focusing on your company’s core business goals.

We can help you achieve and maintain license compliance by organizing your software licenses and other documentation. By organizing the licensing and other documentation for each software title and version, we can identify what type of documentation you need as evidence of licensing for each type of software your company owns.

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